Regulatory Reform Tracker

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 9:45am


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Regulatory Reform Tracker serves as a reference and database for federal government deregulatory actions, including regulatory process reforms and repeals and reforms of regulations.  It includes presidential actions such as executive orders, memoranda, and guidance; legislation and congressional resolutions; and rulemakings or actions from federal regulatory agencies.  The Chamber’s goal is to provide an overview of how the Trump administration and Congress are carrying out important regulatory reform actions and to follow actions as they develop.

Executive Orders, Memoranda & Guidance

      Congressional Review Act Resolutions
     Commodity Futures Trading Commission
     Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
     Council on Environmental Quality
     Department of Agriculture
     Department of Commerce
     Department of Defense
     Department of Education
     Department of Energy
     Department of Health and Human Services
     Department of Homeland Security
     Department of Housing and Urban Development
     Department of the Interior
     Department of Justice
     Department of Labor
     Department of State
     Department of Transportation
     Department of the Treasury
     Environmental Protection Agency (see EPA’s deregulatory action website HERE)
     Farm Credit Administration
     Federal Communications Commission
     Federal Maritime Commission
     General Services Administration
     National Credit Union Administration
     Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
     Small Business Administration