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The 2015 Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity Agenda

In 2015, the Chamber will focus its resources and expertise to advance a Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity agenda, a series of policy priorities that will help revitalize the American economy, create jobs, spur growth, and lift incomes. 

Our agenda is built on the belief that our nation’s best days are far from over, they are yet to come. Take a look at our recap video or learn more about our policy priorities below.


Economic Competitiveness


Health Care and Regulations


Energy and Environmental Regulations

International Trade and Investment, Supply Chain and Trade Facilitation, and Tourism


Transportation, Infrastructure, and Cyber Security


Right to Risk and Reward


Competitve Workforce


Labor, Immigration, Employee Benefits and Workplace Regulations


Legal Reform




Good Business





We are writing letters to the next president to share our vision for the business community.

See our advice—and share yours—for the 45th president.