Why work at the Chamber?

Our culture is founded on eight core values that drive and unite us:


Every dollar committed to the Chamber is a dollar earned by a hardworking business. We take seriously the trust our members place in us, and we make the most of our resources.


Each day our members roll up their sleeves, open for business, and deliver. We bring that same intensity of commitment to our work every day.

Brooks Nelson
Director, Global Resilience, Corporate Citizenship Center


“Our culture is entrepreneurial and collaborative. We continually innovate and develop new programs to support the Chamber’s mission to fuel economic and business growth. The Chamber empowers all staff—regardless of title or tenure—to think creatively and propose new ideas.”


Our employees represent a range of experiences, perspectives, and ideas. We cannot credibly represent the interests of our members if we do not embrace diversity and inclusion.


We are judged not just by what we do but how we do it. We hold ourselves to the highest work and ethical standards.


As a nation, we succeed when we work together—businesses, communities, and government. We believe in the power of partnership, which is stronger than any individual effort.

Maximiliano Sepulveda
Coordinator, Americas, International Division


“I enjoy the camaraderie that develops as a result of the day-to-day activities at the Chamber. Everyone is invested in the mission, and the outcome is an embodiment of all hands on deck, which spurs continuous growth and development.”


We don’t think of our work as work. We are driven by a passionate belief that business can affect positive change for our country and the world.


We believe in free speech. While we may not always agree, we will always respect each other and act with civility.


We don’t sit on the sidelines—we take smart risks and don’t back down.