The New Growth Agenda

A vision for stronger, sustained, and broadly shared economic growth to benefit all Americans in 2018 and beyond.


The New Growth Agenda focuses on eight priorities:
▶ Building the workforce of the future;
 Education Priorities 
▶ Embracing technology in our economy;
 Technology Priorities 

▶ Modernizing and expanding infrastructure;
▶ Reasserting American leadership in the world;
▶ Fueling business growth;
 Financial Regulation, Business Growth and Formation Priorities 
▶ Restoring fiscal health;
▶ Protecting free speech and civil discourse; and
▶ Electing pro-growth leaders.
Recognizing that economic growth remains the best way to expand opportunity, increase wealth, and restore the American Dream, the Chamber’s New Growth Agenda builds on recent gains for the long-term—and for everyone.