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Power lines near a coal power plant in Winfield, West Virginia.

Economic growth, job creation, and improved quality of life depend on affordable, abundant energy.

Sean Hackbarth
Trade Explainer

It's an issue that sparks passionate debates and raises legitimate concerns. Here's what you need to know.

J.D. Harrison

Agencies (not Congress) can relatively easily issue regulations that are, in effect, the laws of the United States.

William Kovacs
A hydraulic fracturing site located atop the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.

It's way more than what characters on Battlestar Galactica yell.

Sean Hackbarth
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They go hand in hand – and need to remain a priority moving forward.

Michael L. Ducker

Last week more than 150 organizations participated in five dozen events across the country to highlight a single issue: infrastructure.

Thomas J. Donohue
Infrastructure Week

"It’s about more than concrete, asphalt and steel," one said of our infrastructure. "It ties us to everything that adds value to our lives."

J.D. Harrison
U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue (left) and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at Infrastructure Week 2016 kickoff event.

Infrastructure Week 2016 kicked off at the U.S. Chamber.

Sean Hackbarth
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Small businesses and people have increasing access to global markets through online outlets.

Lindsey Klaassen

It is easy to take things for granted, so it is important to step back and connect the dots.

Eric Nelson
Kentucky Derby Promo

Here in Washington, a lot will happen between "they're off" and "___ wins the 142nd Kentucky Derby."

J.D. Harrison

The next president must boldly reinvent the Pentagon's archaic acquisition system.

Gen. James L. Jones
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The Chamber has an enduring commitment to a robust relationship.

Thomas J. Donohue

Selling more goods around the world creates American jobs, helps small businesses, and keeps the U.S. ahead of its global competitors.

Eric Nelson

"As we grow our export business, we’re able to hire more people here in Michigan," one small business executive explained.

J.D. Harrison

Candidate after candidate has thrown caution — and facts — to the wind when it comes to trade.

John G. Murphy
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A Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, and an Apple iPhone 5c.

We are at the dawn of a new economic order, and people don’t realize how fast the tectonic plates are about to shift.

Steve Case

We had a feeling this would be trouble for American businesses. Unfortunately, our predictions are already coming true.

Marc Freedman

The current administration has paid lip service to the importance of growth only to pursue policies with other purposes.

J.D. Foster

The U.S. government is built on a system of checks and balances.

Thomas J. Donohue
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An oil jack near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The time has come for another look at our policies.

Pete V. Domenici

The engine of economic growth, jobs and innovation depends on it.

Carlos Gutierrez
Energy Policy

Under your watch, we have to find ways to improve all sources of energy, and to make each of them more efficient and cost effective.

Social Security checks are printed in Philadelphia, PA.

Election years are the best of times, and the worst of times, for reasoned major policy discussions.

Brian Higginbotham
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Power transmission lines are suspended from an electricity pylon in Clifton, New Jersey.

Nuclear power and fossil fuels are essential for keeping the lights on.

Sean Hackbarth

What can lawmakers do to make sure we don’t lose more good-paying energy jobs? The answer is simple: drive U.S. energy exports.

Thomas J. Donohue
Coal mine in Oakland City, Indiana.

It’s ludicrous to abandon coal, when the United States has so much of it—over 260 years of reserves.

Sean Hackbarth
Instruments used to perform bariatric surgery.

Step into hospital or clinic, and you’re surrounded by objects that come from oil and natural gas.

Sean Hackbarth
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Tax Extenders

A better understanding of the true nature of corporate double taxation would help inform the debate.

J.D. Foster
Doctor with patient

$36,500 per employee could come out of the company pockets.

Jennifer Pierotti Lim
Tax Day Tax Reform

Did you get your taxes done? Check. Did Congress make it any simpler? Nope.

J.D. Harrison
Kevin Brady Tax Reform

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady says he hopes to release a blueprint for meaningful tax reform sometime in June.

J.D. Harrison
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