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A Holstein cow grazes by a pond in Lancaster, NH. Photo credit: Bloomberg.

Business groups argue the federal government is claiming unconstitutional regulatory authority over nearly every U.S. body of water. It will shower uncertainty over every property owner.

Sean Hackbarth
Yellow water in the Animas River after EPA's Gold King Mine spill.

"A worst case scenario estimate could have been calculated and used for planning purposes" but wasn't, an internal investigation concluded.

Sean Hackbarth
Stylized water drop

Farmers, ranchers, and other businesses will be forced to get costly federal land use permits.

U.S. Chamber Staff
Pedestrians shield themselves with umbrellas as they walk down a rain soaked street in the Brooklyn.

Doing business will drastically change for the worse because of EPA's new Waters of the United States definition.

Sean Hackbarth
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Emoji Explains CPP

Here's the lowdown on the agency's new emission rules and why they warrant two Emoji-thumbs down.

J.D. Harrison

In its final 18 months in power, the Obama administration aims to implement its environmental agenda in a one-two knockout punch by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Thomas J. Donohue
Retired coal miner Jimmy Smith takes a break while chopping firewood in Totz, Kentucky.

EPA's Clean Power Plan is a war on coal workers.

Sean Hackbarth

The list of cities grows. The U.S.

U.S. Chamber Staff
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Members of Congress this month are gathering feedback and direction from some of their constituents back home. Shouldn't one of the voices they hear be yours?

J.D. Harrison
Straight Outta Town

On measures related to transportation funding, immigration programs and the federal budget, lawmakers are nearly "outta" time.

J.D. Harrison

The Chamber is pleased to see movement toward a long-term bill.

Janet Kavinoky
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Agricultural aircraft

"The loss of credit means that we may have to stop growing our international business entirely," one small business owner says.

J.D. Harrison
Canadian Flags

While China and Canada are doubling down on their export credit assistance, a band of D.C. ideologues is forcing the U.S. to swim against the tide.

John G. Murphy
Kusum Kavia at Combustion Associates, Inc

"If we don't get Ex-Im back soon, there's a very good chance we will lose these contracts to one of our competitors," the firm's president says.

J.D. Harrison
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OnlyHonest Hack

Michael Hopkins still remembers the call he received in November of 2012. He didn't know it at the time, but the call marked the beginning of the end for his company.

J.D. Harrison
Cyber hackers

Moving it to the president's desk should be the only thing about the bill that isn't voluntary.

Matthew J. Eggers
Cybersecurity threat

Opponents of the legislation have one thing right: This has everything to do with keeping your private information safe and secure.

Ann M. Beauchesne
J.D. Harrison

Some privacy groups say that personal information is typically necessary to identify cyber threats, and that cybersecurity information-sharing legislation is equal to surveillance.

Ann M. Beauchesne
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U.S. Capitol

One of the nation's most respected startup and entrepreneurship research organizations has some smart recommendations for Congress.

J.D. Harrison
EB-5 Graphic Art

Slated to expire soon, the program has generated more than $5 billion dollars in foreign investment into the United States since 2005.

J.D. Harrison
Donald Trump

The Republican presidential frontrunner's stance on H-1B visas is based on some flawed assumptions about our economy and our immigration system.

J.D. Harrison
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Rules and the certainty they provide create the foundation needed for efficient capital markets.

Tom Quaadman

Some rules are just rules -- for the sake of rules. The problem is when those rules are ineffective and harmful. Need proof? See LeBron James and his old team, the Miami Heat. Allow us to explain.

Eric Nelson
Richard Cordray

What good is having proposed rules reviewed by small businesses if regulators completely ignore the feedback?

J.D. Harrison
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