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It’s unfortunate that so much misinformation is making the rounds. Hopefully facts and reason will prevail.

John G. Murphy
U.S. trade and exports

This week's TPP signing ceremony was a historic moment. But is it time to pop the champagne? Not yet.

J.D. Harrison
U.S. Exports Boeing

U.S. incomes? They would rise $131 billion. U.S. exports? Up $357 billion. In other words: Win. Win.

J.D. Harrison
U.S. port

"I can tell you in no uncertain terms that as mayors, these trade agreements mean jobs," one said last week.

J.D. Harrison
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Obama is set to release his final budget submission next week.

J.D. Foster

We hope you will focus on growing our economy, creating jobs, lifting incomes, and expanding opportunities for all Americans.

Thomas J. Donohue

It is time to set the stage for rising wages and a revitalized middle class.

Evan Bayh

It can be America’s next great success story.

Michael L. Ducker
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Chamber President and CEO Donohue: Our future is bright — "if we pursue the right priorities and policies."

U.S. Chamber Staff

Sure, $1.5 billion is a lot of money. But it's pocket change compared to the windfall our country could see from these legislative actions.

J.D. Harrison
2015 State of the Union

National security will be in the spotlight, and rightfully so. But businesses, the economy and job creation must be a focus, as well.

J.D. Harrison
President Reagan

A lot has happened since President Ronald Reagan signed the last significant tax code overhaul in 1986.

J.D. Harrison
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U.S. brick industry is being hit with two new rules that will do far more harm than good.

Thomas J. Donohue
Fox Business Debate

Let’s hope that the rest of the debates this year (for both parties) continue to shine the spotlight on these important issues.

J.D. Harrison
Tom Donohue

The White House "put business on notice" on Wednesday. The Chamber's CEO served notice right back on Thursday.

J.D. Harrison
Voters cast their ballots in Red Oak, Iowa.

Businesses want to see candidates push ideas that empower American enterprise.

Sean Hackbarth
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President Barack Obama delivering his 2016 State of the Union address.

EPA's water rule dramatically expands the definition of federally-regulated "navigable waters."

Sean Hackbarth

There’s no such thing as a lame-duck president when it comes to regulations.

Thomas J. Donohue
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

The Government Accountability Office found the agency inappropriately influenced the public and violated an anti-lobbying law.

Sean Hackbarth
Ditch next to a planted field.

On the same day 11 Senators voted against a bill to stop EPA’s water rule, they asked agencies to provide clarity.

Sean Hackbarth
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The costs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are growing and unsustainable.

Rich Studley, IOM
Entitlements Calendar

We're now spending 77 cents of every tax dollar on entitlement programs. Soon, it will be 92 cents - and that's simply not sustainable.

J.D. Harrison

Another alternative: Reform Social Security so it works properly for future generations.

J.D. Foster

When you study the data, it is clear our fiscal problems are not behind us.

Martin Regalia
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Fossil fuel protesters in London, U.K.

“Nothing-from-below” is an accurate description of President Obama’s energy strategy.

Sean Hackbarth
A wind farm in Marshalltown, Iowa.

The Clean Power Plan's unrealistic assumptions and flat-out errors will cost billions in compliance costs.

Sean Hackbarth
A Caterpillar earth mover moves piles of coal outside Price, Utah.

Interior Department will immediately stop issuing coal leases on federal lands, while it studies the program.

Sean Hackbarth
A coal mound in Yolyn, W.V.

This administration has stacked the deck with specific regulatory choices to push coal out of the energy mix.

Sean Hackbarth
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