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What If...America's Energy Renaissance Never Actually Happened?

The U.S. would be short 4.3 million jobs and over half-a-trillion dollars in annual GDP.

Christopher Guith
Energy opponents protest Dakota Access Pipeline outside the White House.

Energy opponents, whose lifestyles revolve around abundant energy, cheered calls for "no pipelines."

Sean Hackbarth
Pipeline protesters standing on vandalized construction equipment in North Dakota. Photo source: Morton County (N.D.) Sheriff's Department.

They have been completely co-opted by “Keep it in the ground” extremists.

Sean Hackbarth
An oil rig worker in the Permian basin outside of Midland, Texas.

We’ve heard lots of rhetoric during this campaign from anti-energy candidates. The Chamber wondered what would happen if they got their way.

Thomas J. Donohue
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"Tariffs suck. Tariffs kill jobs." --Grover Norquist

The trade agreement will eliminate all tariffs and many non-tariff barriers on U.S. exports to participating countries.

John G. Murphy
Trade agreements like TPP make big markets even out of small economies.

America’s 20 trade agreement partners represent 6% of the world’s population outside the U.S., but they buy nearly half of our exports.

John G. Murphy
The Ex-Im Bank provides financing and guarantees for U.S. exports that directly support American jobs at no cost to the taxpayer

According to one definition, a disingenuous argument is one that is “not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less a

John G. Murphy
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

What can we expect to hear on stage Monday night? We’ll set the stage over the coming week by analyzing the candidates' recent remarks.

Chris Hoyler
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Today, unnamed government bureaucrats, instead of elected members of Congress, make the vast majority of rules coming out of Washington.

Sarah Keller
Power lines near a coal power plant in Winfield, West Virginia.

Economic growth, job creation, and improved quality of life depend on affordable, abundant energy.

Sean Hackbarth
Trade Explainer

It's an issue that sparks passionate debates and raises legitimate concerns. Here's what you need to know.

J.D. Harrison

Agencies (not Congress) can relatively easily issue regulations that are, in effect, the laws of the United States.

William Kovacs
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Compass pointing to "skills"

We must find a scalable, industry-driven framework for business engagement in education and workforce development.

Governor John Hickenlooper

We hope you will join us in thwarting those who try to abuse our legal system and in the process stunt our country's economic growth.

Trump / Clinton

Both candidates agree that the system is broken, but how they plan to fix it remains unclear. Let's talk about some ideas.

J.D. Harrison

It's time for the candidates to get back to business.

Abby Kelly
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U.S. Chamber Foundation's Career Readiness Report

The Every Student Succeeds Act calls on states to measure what educational success looks like.

Tim Lemke
U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Huntsville has a commitment to ensuring its students have the best opportunity to succeed.

Lucy Davidson
The business community is closing the skills-gap that has left 5.6 million jobs open

America has people without jobs, but it also has jobs without people – about 5.6 million of them, thanks to the skills gap.

Thomas J. Donohue
William D. Hansen

A new report offers a path for businesses to ensure that their needs are met while informing young adults of career opportunities.

Erica Kashiri
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Clinton Trump

We've heard a lot on the campaign trail about their plans to regulate this vital industry. Here's what we hope to hear Monday.

Chris Hoyler

The proposal, which ignores the bureau's very own research, is bad news for consumers.

Travis Norton
Matt Webb

It is a tough job, and a Chamber poll shows it has gotten even tougher.

Eric Nelson

America needs a pro-growth agenda and not tired worn partisanship.

Tom Quaadman
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Before we start streaming old versions of “happy days are here again,” let’s look a little closer at CFPB's recent report

Before we start streaming old versions of “Happy Days are Here Again,” let’s look closer at the recent Census report.

J.D. Foster
The Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act offers a solution to cumbersome nonresident income tax laws

Workers and businesses face enough challenges-–an confusing patchwork of nonresident income tax laws should not be another.

Caroline L. Harris
The Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington, D.C.

If Treasury chooses not to withdraw the rules, then it has a lot of work to do.

Caroline L. Harris

The range of ordinary course business transactions affected by the proposed regulations is truly staggering.

Caroline L. Harris
J.D. Foster
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