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Above the Fold Legal Reform

The number one domestic priority has to be economic growth.
Blair Latoff Holmes
The litigation machine

For the good of the American economy, legal reform must be a top priority for our next president.

Thomas J. Donohue
Mitt Romney speaking at the 2016 Institute for Legal Reform summit.
If we want to get businesses to grow we need public policies that give them a reason to do so.
Sean Hackbarth

We hope you will join us in thwarting those who try to abuse our legal system and in the process stunt our country's economic growth.

With summer in the homestretch, we decided to head out to one president’s seasonal escape from the White House –

Eric Nelson

Reacting to trial lawyers’ ad claims before consulting a doctor may be bad for your health.

Lisa A. Rickard
Frivolous lawsuits are dead weight on a state’s economy.
Thomas J. Donohue

"Lawyers are the ones who are driving these lawsuits."

U.S. Chamber Staff