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Above the Fold Health Care

Tablets of Zocor generic Simvastatin and Zoloft generic Sertraline.
When Americans buy medication, the last thing they should worry about is whether they are getting what they paid for.
Kasie Brill
Greetings From Main Street Postcard

During the first 100 days of this year, we embarked on a small business listening tour around the country.

J.D. Harrison
When members of Congress go home, it's no vacation.
Michael Marinaccio
A medical assistant takes a patient's temperature.
Without action from Washington, Americans could see premiums skyrocket and coverage options diminish.
Michael Marinaccio
U.S. Capitol Dome
The bill would repeal a substantial number of the most harmful provisions in the Affordable Care Act.
U.S. Chamber Staff
Health insurance illustration: calculator, money, syringe, pills, bills.
It eliminates some harmful taxes from the Affordable Care Act and preserves the employer-sponsored system.
U.S. Chamber Staff
President Donald Trump speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Let's take a moment to look at what the president has done and what he should do in the months ahead to help our economy grow faster.
U.S. Chamber Staff
Illustration of people running away from a red tape avalanche.
In recent years, Washington has unleashed a relentless torrent of burdensome and costly regulations.
J.D. Harrison