Above the Fold Dear 45

Presidential Seal

The Chamber looks forward to working with President-elect Trump and the incoming Congress on its priorities in the coming year.

The number one domestic priority has to be economic growth.
Blair Latoff Holmes

America needs a leader who supports policies that allow all businesses to succeed in a dynamic global economy and that advance innovation.

Presidential Debate: Trump and Clinton

Entitlement programs are the primary drivers of our country’s swelling federal debt.

U.S. Chamber Staff

Working together, we can strengthen America's cyber networks, paving the way for economic growth and improved security.

Compass pointing to "skills"
We must find a scalable, industry-driven framework for business engagement in education and workforce development.
Governor John Hickenlooper
Trump / Clinton

Both candidates agree that the system is broken, but how they plan to fix it remains unclear. Let's talk about some ideas.

J.D. Harrison

It's time for the candidates to get back to business.

Abby Kelly