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Above the Fold Water Rule

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy
The Government Accountability Office found the agency inappropriately influenced the public and violated an anti-lobbying law.
Sean Hackbarth
Ditch next to a planted field.
On the same day 11 Senators voted against a bill to stop EPA’s water rule, they asked agencies to provide clarity.
Sean Hackbarth
A pond near Bartlett, Ill.
EPA’s regulatory overreach is so outrageous that hundreds of local government and business organizations back the bill.
Sean Hackbarth
Yellow water in the Animas River after EPA's Gold King Mine spill.
An Interior report finds the agency has "little appreciation for the engineering complexity."
Sean Hackbarth
If the agency had followed Congressional mandates, businesses might not be in this conundrum.
Sean Hackbarth
A tractor along the bank of a catfish pond in Uniontown, Alabama.
There’s a good chance the water rule is illegal, the court concluded.
Sean Hackbarth

Jack Field’s world has long revolved around cattle. Under a new rule, that world may soon get much more restrictive.

J.D. Harrison
Wyoming rancher, Andy Johnson. Photo credit: Pacific Legal Foundation.
Permitting costs will rise, and projects that would be viable under a more commonsense water rule will be abandoned.
Sean Hackbarth