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Above the Fold Immigration

Immigration counter

Congress has the opportunity to work with the president to craft legislation that will provide some clarity to DACA recipients.

Randel K. Johnson
Immigration counter
Six Nobel Prize winners see fixing our broken system represents an opportunity to our economy.
Sean Hackbarth
The number one domestic priority has to be economic growth.
Blair Latoff Holmes
Lin-Manuel Miranda on stage playing Alexander Hamilton.
The father of the musical's creator describes immigrants: "They’re the smart, hard workers." Data back him up.
Michael Billet
2016 Vice Presidential Debate Preview: Mike Pence and Tim Kaine
Here are four policy areas voters would love to hear about.
Sean Hackbarth
Naturalization Oath of Allegiance, American Flag
With meaningful reforms, we can promote both national security and economic growth and solve a problem Americans have long wanted fixed.
Sean Hackbarth
Statue of Liberty at sunset
Success in this area will have positive impact on our country’s economic growth and national security.
Mythbusters television show screen shot.
Because "immigration is integral to the nation’s economic growth," we need to fix our broken system.
Sean Hackbarth