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Above the Fold Modernizing NAFTA

NAFTA withdrawal scale.
Withdrawing from NAFTA would be a disaster. Here are the numbers.
John G. Murphy
A combine harvesting wheat near Wasco, Oregon.
Threats to NAFTA have already hurt U.S. wheat. Mexico is making deals with U.S. competitors Brazil and Argentina.
Gordon Stoner
Pigs in a pen.
More than one-third of U.S. pork exports go to Canada and Mexico.
Randy Spronk
Cattle graze in St. Lucie County, FL.
U.S. farmers and businesses will be successful if negotiations result in greater access to North American markets.
Sean Hackbarth
Canadian, American and Mexican flags stand on stage ahead of the first round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations in Washington, D.C.
The administration’s approach to trade is bringing other nations together in new trade deals — without the U.S.
John G. Murphy
An F150 truck on the production line at Ford Motor Company's Dearborn Truck Assembly plant.
The Trump administration's proposal would lead to lower U.S. content in our manufactured goods.
John G. Murphy
Golden sunset over the water.
It’s hard to imagine a proposal that would do more to create uncertainty and undermine the business confidence.
John G. Murphy
U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue speaks to AmCham Mexico.
Abandoning the trade agreement is a threat to the continent’s national and economic security.
Sean Hackbarth