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Above the Fold Energy

Pipelines in front of a dusky sky.
Maintaining and expanding our pipelines, transmission lines, substations, and offshore platforms is essential to our nation’s future.
Matt Koch
A truck drives past four oil pumpjacks outside Williston, North Dakota.
We're remindered that policies that support energy drives job creation and economic growth.
Sean Hackbarth
Natural gas pipes in Bismarck, North Dakota.
The president will nominate two people to a little-known federal agency.
Sean Hackbarth
Pipe to be used for the Keystone XL pipeline in a field in Gascoyne, ND.
The project will have a significant economic impact on the Cornhusker State.
Sean Hackbarth
John Watson, chairman and CEO of Chevron.
President Donald Trump is cognizant of this fact and wants to unleash American energy.
Sean Hackbarth
Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico
The executive order could lead to future energy opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the Arctic.
Sean Hackbarth
There is now even more potential to grow our economy and make America a true energy superpower.
Karen Alderman Harbert
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline stands near Copperville, Alaska.
If billions of barrels of oil are unlocked, the biggest winner could be the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
Sean Hackbarth