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Above the Fold Intellectual Property

Tablets of Zocor generic Simvastatin and Zoloft generic Sertraline.
When Americans buy medication, the last thing they should worry about is whether they are getting what they paid for.
Kasie Brill

Our intellectual property laws make the business of innovation possible.

Mark Elliot

These women span every industry and saturate every community.

Courtney Paul
IP-driven jobs contribute to the local economy in every single state and in every single county in the United States.
Frank Cullen
GIPC's Fifth Annual Index Release

The United States has long been one of the most innovative nations on earth. So what sets us apart?

Thomas J. Donohue
Patent Reform
The GIPC index looks at IP standards in 45 countries.
Sean Hackbarth
Tom Donohue and Paul Ryan

From visiting heads of state to visiting rock stars, the Chamber engaged with wide and diverse audiences to close out 2016.

Carrie Brooks
Christmas online shopping
Consumers shouldn’t let counterfeiters rob them of their holiday cheer. Here are some tips to help you shop safely.
Kasie Brill