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Above the Fold Regulatory Reform

President Donald Trump speaks to the media in the Oval Office.
Rules governing federal contracting are way too complex. It's hard for small businesses to compete.
Carlos Del Toro
President Donald Trump holds up a signed EO with business leaders in the Oval Office. Photographer: Olivier Douliery

The most under-reported story about the Trump administration is what’s being done on regulations.

Sean Hackbarth
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaking at the White House.
WOTUS would force farmers, small businesses, and other land owners to get costly federal permits.
Sean Hackbarth
Postcards from Main Street on Regreform
Business owners lend their voices to reducing regulations that keep them from creating jobs.
Sarah Keller
Ditch next to a planted field.
The Waters of the U.S. rule amounted to a massive grab of regulatory authority.
Sean Hackbarth
EPA headquarters.
Congress should still pass a delay of attainment designations to 2025.
Sean Hackbarth
Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, listens to testimony during a Senate Finance Committee hearing. Photographer: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg

For a top Senator Orrin Hatch, the answer lies in smarter, more effective federal regulations.

Heather McPherson
Pedestrians walk past the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C. Photographer: Mannie Garcia/Bloomberg News

Main Street depends on financial services to receive capital, expand, hire, and succeed.

David Hirschmann