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Above the Fold Environment

Scary Regulations

Small business owners don’t need haunted houses or horror movies. Washington gives them plenty of reasons to scream.

J.D. Harrison
The Animas River between Silverton and Durango, Colo. within 24 hours of the 2015 Gold King Mine waste water spill.
If a business would have accidentally polluted a river, the agency would've thrown the book at it.
Sean Hackbarth
Debate preview: Energy

Here are a few key energy issues that we’ll be keeping a close eye on during Monday’s debate.

Sarah Keller

It is time to place limits on the agency’s power grab.

William Kovacs
Henry Brick

America's small businesses aren’t wanting for challenges. So why on earth is the agency hell-bent on making their jobs ever harder?

J.D. Harrison
Energy Policy

Under your watch, we have to find ways to improve all sources of energy, and to make each of them more efficient and cost effective.

Louisiana businesses
New environmental and financial regulations have absolutely clobbered businesses across the country, particularly those in these 10 states.
J.D. Harrison
March Madness

While the NCAA tournament has been busting brackets, the Obama administration has been busy busting businesses.

J.D. Harrison