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Above the Fold National and Cyber Security

Boeing Airplane that shows how different parts come from different places to make one plane

Global supply chains are complicated and critical, with many moving pieces.

Michael Marinaccio
Farmer examining harvest

Reliable, predictable, and stable supply chains are essential to U.S. global competitiveness.

Erik Pederson
Russian Computer code
The Kremlin is increasingly taking steps to exert more control over the internet.
Kara Sutton
Cyber criminal
We must discourage bad actors from hacking businesses because they believe that the costs to them will exceed their expected benefit.
Sean Hackbarth

When it comes to security, create a culture where caution is encouraged.

Highway Texas

America’s infrastructure is the safest investment our nation can make. But investing means more than tossing money at the problem.

Ed Mortimer
Lindsey Klaassen

Make no mistake about it – the aviation industry has been and will continue to be under assault from cyber criminals around the globe.

Ann M. Beauchesne
The State of American Cybersecurity

Working together, we can make—we must make—progress in strengthening our country’s cyber networks.

Ann M. Beauchesne