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Above the Fold TPP

The conservative tack of the ITC report is no surprise.

John G. Murphy
We must work to ensure that displaced workers are retrained and can transition -- but we can't stand still on trade.
Myron Brilliant
Donald Trump
Does another recession and 7 million lost jobs sound like "winning" to you? Well, that's exactly where we would be headed.
J.D. Harrison
A majority of Americans see trade as an economic opportunity.
Sean Hackbarth
Rep. Steve Chabot

Sure, the attention may be on the campaign trail. But that shouldn't stop lawmakers from taking steps to help small businesses this year.

J.D. Harrison
Taylor Swift

"Uptown Funk" offers an important lesson about entitlement reform. Don't believe me? Just watch...

J.D. Harrison

It’s unfortunate that so much misinformation is making the rounds. Hopefully facts and reason will prevail.

John G. Murphy
U.S. trade and exports

This week's TPP signing ceremony was a historic moment. But is it time to pop the champagne? Not yet.

J.D. Harrison