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Above the Fold Clean Power Plan

The coal-fired units of Ohio's W.C. Beckjord Generating Station were retired in 2014.
"Consumers will see their electricity rates rise as affordable power sources close and utilities are forced to build expensive new plants."
Sean Hackbarth
Power transmission lines are suspended from an electricity pylon in Clifton, New Jersey.
40 states could see an average retail electricity price increase of at least 10% from the Clean Power Plan.
Sean Hackbarth
United States Supreme Court

The Supreme Court granted a stay of EPA’s carbon regulations—the

Sean Hackbarth

The implications of this decision are likely to extend well beyond the United States.

Stephen Eule
Fossil fuel protesters in London, U.K.
“Nothing-from-below” is an accurate description of President Obama’s energy strategy.
Sean Hackbarth
A wind farm in Marshalltown, Iowa.
The Clean Power Plan's unrealistic assumptions and flat-out errors will cost billions in compliance costs.
Sean Hackbarth
A Caterpillar earth mover moves piles of coal outside Price, Utah.
Interior Department will immediately stop issuing coal leases on federal lands, while it studies the program.
Sean Hackbarth
A coal mound in Yolyn, W.V.
This administration has stacked the deck with specific regulatory choices to push coal out of the energy mix.
Sean Hackbarth