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Above the Fold Agriculture and Food Safety

We don’t need more red tape. We need more innovation.

Robert Bartnichak
A Domino's employee stretches pizza dough.
While the regulation is intended to fight obesity, it’s questionable whether mandated calorie labels are effective.
Sean Hackbarth

Korean tariffs on approximately 80% of U.S. consumer and industrial exports were eliminated when KORUS entered into force, and bilateral trade has increased since that time. Trade is likely to expand further as the share of duty-free trade rises to 95% of all goods next year and as U.S. exporters continue to take advantage of new market access opportunities.

James W. Fatheree
According to public health advocates and the Obama administration, requiring food service establishments to post calorie counts on menus was just the ticket for getting consumers to opt for healthier meals.
David Kinkade
Egypt wheat Bloomberg

A system from Florida-based Blumberg Grain is addressing food security in Egypt and transforming the way wheat is handled.

Steve Lutes

The so called “Cromnibus” filed last night addresses hundreds of policy issues. One of these is how the United States can defuse the threat to billions of dollars’ worth of U.S. exports in the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) dispute.

John G. Murphy
An example of a Country of Origin label (COOL) label on pork.
Congress must immediately authorize and direct the Secretary of Agriculture to rescind elements of COOL that have been determined to be noncompliant with international trade obligations.
John G. Murphy
Farm pond
The rule that will become another barrier to economic development and investment by imposing new layers of reviews and permitting.
Sean Hackbarth