Nov 07, 2014 - 9:00am

American Voters Choose the Path of Free Enterprise

Former Senior Advisor, Political and Federation Relations


Voters in Iowa cast their ballots in the midterm election.
Voters in Iowa cast their ballots in the midterm election. Photo credit: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, American voters sent a clear message to Washington. 

They voted for a new direction, and overwhelmingly chose the path of free enterprise and prosperity – the only way forward to grow our economy.

Our focus now is on working with the 114th Congress to boost growth, remove uncertainty, and create jobs. However, it’s also important to take a look back at what worked, especially as we prepare for a much tougher electoral map in 2016.

One of the top takeaways is that candidates matter and elections aren’t won in one day. It’s absolutely critical to engage early and identify candidates during the primary process who have the ability to win and the courage to govern.

Out of the 15 primary races, runoffs, and special elections the U.S. Chamber invested in, we were successful in 14. From Joni Ernst in Iowa to Thom Tillis in North Carolina – the caliber of these candidates couldn’t have been stronger and played a major role in shaping the outcome on November 4. Of the 30 general election races we were involved in, and of those that have been called, we’ve been successful in 80%.

These early efforts are certainly something to build on in the years ahead. They were the result of a stronger than ever partnership with our state and local chamber members who helped localize the impact of key business issues across the country. 

We also enlisted the help of a number of public figures, from Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Rand Paul to Richard Petty, Randy Owen, and Brett Favre, to ensure our message was heard. And we focused on reaching new audiences using online mediums and digital media to educate voters and ensure they had the tools to vote, whether early, absentee, or on Election Day.

The results speak for themselves and are an important first step to enacting pro-growth policies in the days ahead.

The American people have an undeniable desire for real change and real leadership. They’ve waited long enough, and they’re demanding a true economic recovery with more growth, more jobs, and higher incomes.

We have a long road ahead of us, but we can jumpstart the economy and reassert American competitiveness through an aggressive policy agenda that will expand domestic energy production, address our nation’s fiscal condition, rein in excessive regulations and fix the Obamacare mess, promote free-trade, and reform our broken immigration system.

We have an opportunity to meet those challenges and achieve real reforms that will usher in a new generation of growth and prosperity. 

Let’s take it.

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About the Authors

About the Author

Former Senior Advisor, Political and Federation Relations

Rob Engstrom is a former senior political strategist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.