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It seems quite likely that the CPP as it currently stands will never be implemented or enforced.

Heath Knakmuhs
Dakota Access Pipeline protesters pin a security guard against a truck.

Some of the tactics were used in protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sean Hackbarth
Pipelines in Cushing, Ok.

After eight years, things are looking up for new energy infrastructure.

Sean Hackbarth
Energy independence

Thanks to the President Trump's energy executive order, the U.S. can unleash domestic energy production and support economic growth.

Thomas J. Donohue
President Donald Trump speaks in Louisville, Kentucky.

We’re seeing policies that celebrate American energy production on American soil.

Sean Hackbarth
Nuscale Power Module

Last week witnessed the first tangible step in the march towards advanced nuclear.

Christopher Guith
Pipes stacked

Today, President Trump announced that his Administration granted the cross border permit needed for the Keystone XL pipeline.

Matt Koch

27 states, including perennial high-cost states such as California, New York, experienced declines in their 2016 average retail electricity.

Heath Knakmuhs