Above the Fold Health Care

Sen. Bernie Sanders answers a health care question from small business owner, LaRonda Hunter.

Rising costs are keeping small businesses from hiring more employees.

Sean Hackbarth
Instruments used to perform bariatric surgery.

The tax went into effect in 2013 but was suspended in December 2015.

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The State of American Healthcare

We can generate more growth and jobs by making America’s health care system the best in the world.

Katie Mahoney

155 million people under 65 years old—almost two-thirds--get their health coverage through an employer.

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State of American Business Issue Series

U.S. Chamber’s policy experts will dig into the issues and explain what pro-growth policies are needed for our economy.

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2017 State of American Business address with U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue.

U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue released the American Growth Agenda to accelerate economic growth.

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U.S. Capitol Dome

Without immediate repeal, the Health Insurance Tax starts affecting premiums in early 2017.

U.S. Chamber Staff
2016 as sand art

Readers were curious about a variety of public policy issues affecting the business community.

U.S. Chamber Staff