Sep 29, 2015 - 10:15am

Infographic: 4 Steps to a More Streamlined, Transparent Federal Government (Really)

Our current permitting system is dysfunctional and lacks deadlines and transparency, but with the House of Representatives passing the RAPID Act last week, we’re one step closer to a streamlined federal permitting process. The Senate passed its version of permit streamlining in July which was included in the Highway bill.

Too often large-scale infrastructure projects get caught up in red tape–from ports in Georgia to flood control projects in California. Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investment get delayed while those projects sit uncompleted for years.

The good news is that efforts to streamline the federal permitting process have bipartisan support in the House and Senate, and support from the Administration. As House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte stated on the House floor last week, “[t]hese are simple but powerful reforms that will allow good projects to move forward more quickly, delivering high-quality jobs and improvements to Americans’ daily lives.”

“It will also continue to ensure that the impacts of new projects on the environment can be considered responsibly before permitting decisions are made,” he added.

The following infographic outlines four ways this legislation can improve our permitting system, making it the swift but safe system that the U.S. deserves.

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