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Christmas online shopping

Consumers shouldn’t let counterfeiters rob them of their holiday cheer. Here are some tips to help you shop safely.

Kasie Brill
The Trans-Pacific Partnership ensures America remains the innovation center of the world.

The Pacific trade agreement ensures America remains the innovation center of the world.

Patrick Kilbride
"We the people" on the side of the National Constitution Center.

The Founding Fathers recognized how IP fuels innovation and rewards innovators.

Courtney Paul
Patent Reform

The narrative about patent trolls snuffing out innovative startups only tells half of the story. Here's the other half.

J.D. Harrison
Nathalie Bougenies

The engine of economic growth, jobs and innovation depends on it.

Carlos Gutierrez

It is important that lawmakers not lose sight of this connection.

Adam W. Salerno

Momentum in the global IP system means new lifesaving medications, greater creative content, and more innovative brands.

Eric Nelson
Oscar Academy Award Piracy

Last year's 10 most pirated films were illegally downloaded more than 360 million times, a steep increase over 2014.

J.D. Harrison