Jul 21, 2014 - 1:15pm

Rep. Bentivolio Strikes Out

Senior Editor, Digital Content

Desperate candidates who are way behind in the polls take big swings hoping to hit political home runs.

Take Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, trying to hold onto his Congressional seat in Michigan’s 11th District. Being down 22 points against David Trott, he desperately needs to rally his troops by the August 5th primary. So his campaign e-mailed a fundraising pitch pushing the myth that the U.S. Chamber supports amnesty.

Rep. Bentivolio whiffed big time. The U.S. Chamber doesn’t support amnesty and never has.

Here is what the U.S. Chamber’ immigration reform priorities are:

  • Strengthening border security.
  • Improving E-Verify system and employment verification.
  • Ensuring the availability of workers of all skill levels—high-skilled, lesser-skilled, and agricultural workers--when employers experience labor shortages.
  • Providing a means for undocumented workers to earn lawful status by getting a background check and paying any fines and back taxes owed.

Amnesty isn’t on this list. These are reforms that will create jobs for Americans, boost wages, and improve the economy.

It’s unfortunate that some candidates, organizations, and talk radio hosts refuse to accurately state what the U.S. Chamber stands for. Voters want facts, not distortions and lies.

Rep. Bentivolio hoped to hit one out of the park. Instead, he ended up striking out.

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About the Author

About the Author

Sean Hackbarth
Senior Editor, Digital Content

Sean writes about public policies affecting businesses including energy, health care, and regulations. When not battling those making it harder for free enterprise to succeed, he raves about all things Wisconsin (his home state) and religiously follows the Green Bay Packers.