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Above the Fold Retirement

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) arrives to a Senate Banking Committee hearing.
Congress should work towards ways to make it easier for Americans to save for retirement.
Sean Hackbarth
Labor Day 2017

To honor American workers on Labor Day, and each day, we must advance a robust free enterprise system.

Thomas J. Donohue
Retirement Plan

The biggest mistake is often not knowing what you don’t know.

Aliya Wong
Anna Vredenburgh
Department of Labor headquarters in Washington, D.C.
The Obama administration rule would limit access to retirement investment advice for small businesses and their workers.
Sean Hackbarth
The State of American Retirement Savings
Americans are getting older, but many aren't saving enough.
Alice Joe
There is an outcry that Congress is impeding on states’ rights to help their employers and employees save for retirement.
Aliya Wong
Piggy bag drawn on chalkboard.
We need to make sure our retirement savings policies adequately address the needs of our evolving workforce.
U.S. Chamber Staff
Scary Regulations

Small business owners don’t need haunted houses or horror movies. Washington gives them plenty of reasons to scream.

J.D. Harrison