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Above the Fold The Case for TPP

The Case for TPP

The Pacific trade agreement will minimize unnecessary regulatory differences among countries while ensuring sovereignty.

John G. Murphy
Investment from other TPP countries have created 1.6 million American jobs.
The Pacific trade agreement's investment provisions give investors the confidence to build, hire, and innovate.
John G. Murphy
Use a smartphone today? The TPP's digital tools were made for you.
The Pacific trade agreement includes provisions to ensure enterprises and individuals can move data across borders reliably and securely.
John G. Murphy
The Trans-Pacific Partnership ensures America remains the innovation center of the world.
The Pacific trade agreement ensures America remains the innovation center of the world.
Patrick Kilbride
"Tariffs suck. Tariffs kill jobs." --Grover Norquist
The trade agreement will eliminate all tariffs and many non-tariff barriers on U.S. exports to participating countries.
John G. Murphy
Trade agreements like TPP make big markets even out of small economies.

America’s 20 trade agreement partners represent 6% of the world’s population outside the U.S., but they buy nearly half of our exports.

John G. Murphy
World trade works: Better access to customers abroad equals more growth and jobs at home.
The trade agreement is America’s best chance to secure a level playing field for trade in the Asia-Pacific region.
John G. Murphy
Outside the U.S.: 80% of world's purchasing power; 92% of world's economic growth; and 95% of world's customers.
Outside U.S. borders are markets that represent 80% of the world’s purchasing power, 92% of its economic growth, and 95% of its consumers.
John G. Murphy