Above the Fold Technology

House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) delivers remarks in the House Chamber.

The House passed bipartisan legislation that modernizes government and meets the needs of today’s innovation-driven economy.

Tim Day
Cell phone towers in front of a clear, blue sky.

Not treating broadband providers as public utilities under the Communications Act is a place to start.

Jordan Crenshaw

America needs a leader who supports policies that allow all businesses to succeed in a dynamic global economy and that advance innovation.

Nodes in a Internet of Things network.

A Chamber Technology Engagement Center poll finds that the public understands the value in internet-connected devices.

Sean Hackbarth
Illustration of data and privacy.

If the FCC gets its broadband privacy rule wrong, ISPs, consumers, and edge providers could all suffer negative consequences.

Jordan Crenshaw
Color test screen on flat-screen television

Right now, the public is prevented from engaging the FCC on its proposal.

Jordan Crenshaw
The Chamber Technology Engagement Center will engage pioneers in the technology sector all across the United States and advocate for pro-business policy solutions.

Many of us have been in this situation: wanting to help a sick loved one from across the country or trying to consolidate medical records

Tim Day
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler sitting before a Congressional hearing.

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportational Committee heard from all five FCC Commissioners.

Jordan Crenshaw