Above the Fold Technology

"Home privacy" displayed on app on a tablet computer in front of a house.

New innovations and technologies are fertile ground for economic growth.

Thomas J. Donohue
Illustration of data and privacy.
Time to set the record straight on what Congress did in rolling back an FCC regulation.
Jordan Crenshaw

Technology is deeply integrated across sectors and across our economy.

Tim Day

As technology plays an increasing role in our daily lives, policymakers are trying to better understand how to respond.

Kara Sutton

Technology has long been an agile and fluid force, creating and disrupting labor sectors throughout history.

Michael Marinaccio
Broadband download speed and icons

Congress using the Congressional Review Act is the quickest, most efficient way to undo the FCC’s rules.

Jordan Crenshaw
House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) delivers remarks in the House Chamber.
The House passed bipartisan legislation that modernizes government and meets the needs of today’s innovation-driven economy.
Tim Day
Cell phone towers in front of a clear, blue sky.
Not treating broadband providers as public utilities under the Communications Act is a place to start.
Jordan Crenshaw