95% of the World's Consumers Live Outside the United States

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 8:00pm

Global Customers = American Jobs

The equation is simple. The more sales American companies book, the more American workers they will hire to fill those orders. So when 95% of the people we want to sell something to live outside of the United States, we must open foreign markets to American goods and services so we can create jobs at home. Here’s how to do it.

APPROVE PERMANENT NORMAL TRADE RELATIONS FOR RUSSIA AND REAP THE ADVANTAGES OF MARKET-OPENING REFORMS. By joining the World Trade Organization, Russia has committed to further open its market, protect intellectual property, and safeguard foreign investors. American workers, farmers, and companies won’t get the full benefits of these reforms unless Congress acts.
COMPETE IN THE WORLD’S FASTEST-GROWING REGION. Global GDP will expand by $22 trillion over the next five years, and nearly half of that will be in Asia. But as Asian nations have negotiated scores of preferential trading agreements among themselves, America has been stuck on the outside looking in. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is our best chance to get in the game and access lucrative markets in the Asia-Pacific.
STRENGTHEN OUR COMMERCIAL TIES WITH EUROPE WITH A NEW TRANSATLANTIC PACT. U.S. and European leaders should begin talks on a new pact this year. Expanding commerce across the Atlantic will generate badly needed growth and jobs. Simply eliminating tariffs would boost U.S.-EU trade by more than $120 billion within five years and generate GDP gains of $180 billion.
NEGOTIATE NEW TRADE DEALS WITH EMERGING ECONOMIC POWERS. Let’s get moving on new trade agreements with large, emerging markets such as Brazil, Egypt, India, and Indonesia. Of the 100 separate trade deals being negotiated around the world, the United States is only involved in one of them.
EQUIP U.S. LEADERS WITH NEGOTIATING POWER. Lawmakers must renew Trade Promotion Authority, which grants the executive branch authority to negotiate trade agreements, subject to an up-or-down vote in Congress. Without this authority, other nations will continue to make deals with each other, leaving the United States on the sidelines.

Let’s put the world’s buying power to work in the American economy. Let’s Stand Up for American Trade and Jobs.

Markets Outside Our Borders Represent:

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