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Former Senior Director, Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation International

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Progress Made in Fixing Transatlantic Data Fiasco; Obama Signs Data Judicial Redress Act

President Obama signing this data bill is step down a long road to ensure that data seamlessly across the transatlantic economy.

Rejection of 'Safe Harbor' Imposes High Costs, Delays on Transatlantic Business

European authorities need to move quickly and provide concrete guidance and a reasonable transition period to companies.

Digital Trade: How to Be “In a Relationship” with Innovation

Silicon Valley was not created by government fiat. Nor did it emerge from the ether to Instagram a #selfie and announce to the world that it is “in a relationship” with innovation. Rather, strong policy foundations were laid that enabled digitally-minded enterprises to innovate, fail, and succeed — not just in Silicon Valley but throughout the United States.

Regulatory Cooperation: Not Just Singing Kumbaya

It’s “Emerging Issues in Trade Week” at the U.S. Chamber, and we’re digging into some of the meatier trade challenges facing American business today. Regulatory cooperation is high on this list.

Business Without Borders: How Cross-Border Data Flows Boost Global Prosperity

While the movement of information across national borders drives today’s global economy, some misinformed policymakers are attempting to take the “world” out of “World Wide Web” by restricting the ability to transfer information abroad.