Jun 24, 2020 - 10:30am

6/24 Actions from COVID-19 Industry Call

President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC)
Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Below are the actions from provided by OUSD:

  • Defense Production Act -- Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
    • A&S and the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) signed an MOA. The MOA formalizes the relationship between the two organizations as outlined in Executive Order 13922, which delegated authority to DFC to execute loans using DPA Title III in support of the response to COVID-19.
    • Members of industry can go to the following DFC website to review loan eligibility, conditions, and send applications: https://www.dfc.gov/dpa
  • JATF Industry Day Company Registration Link
    • Tomorrow, I will forward the company registration link for JATF’s Industry Day when the link is ready.
  • JATF POC for Questions/Concerns/Ideas
    • If you have questions/concerns/ideas you would like to share with the JATF team, please let us know and we will relay those to the appropriate contacts. 
  • USAF/Department of Commerce BIS Survey
    • INDPOL has reached out to Air Force Sustainment and the Department of Commerce to relay industry concerns on the data request.  We will stay engaged with both parties and reflect the issues brought up on the calls.  INDPOL will provide an update on the 8 July call.
  • Update on Project Warp Speed
    • OUSD will have a representative on the 8 July call to provide an update and answer any questions the associations may have.
  • Weekly DCMA Data
    • The highest number of DIB closures was 148; and occurred on 12 April 2020.
    • The total number of closures currently is (3) three, as of 24 June 2020.
    • The total cumulative reopenings is 269 as of 24 June 2020.
    • The average time of current DIB closures (3 ea) is 1.7 days; and the average time to reopen for all is 20.2 days.

About the Author

About the Author

Keith Webster headshot
President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC)
Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC), and Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.