May 06, 2020 - 4:00pm

DAEC COVID-19 Update May 6: Notes from Today's OSD Call

President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC)
Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

May 6th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • The U.S. is supporting countries in need and will provide PPE and ventilators to various countries in Africa and Latin America.
  • The U.S. is carefully balancing U.S. domestic needs while assisting others globally.
  • OSD continues to encourage U.S. industry to keep producing ventilators and PPE
  • SecDef letter to essential workforce was released last night.
  • OSD needs to understand industry PPE needs regarding effort to fully reopen.


  • DIB closures seem to have turned the corner tracking 180 reopened versus 62 closed, which is a 50% reduction in closures over the past two weeks.
  • Things are improving internationally as well for the supply base.


  • Still tracking the published plan regarding reimbursing industry in accordance with Sec 3610. 
  • Tracking to publish draft guidance by end of next week for industry review—all in accordance with the DPC memo distributed yesterday.


  • Closed companies down to 371 from 437 a week ago; 10 just reopened since Monday; total of 309 reopened since 17 March.
  • Average time for a company to reopen is 16 days. 
  • Still working to get back to full production but trending positive. 
  • Three big tracking issues for DLA: 
    • Battelle contract for sanitizing PPE masks.
    • Nursing home PPE kitting in support of 1500 facilities across the U.S.
    • Working to a longer-term agreement with HHS for providing PPE—FEMA focus on hurricane season while managing COVID 19 means DoD needs to help FEMA with supplies in a nontraditional way and DoD prepared to do so. 


  • OSD Health Affairs lead joined, as well as office lead for OSHA matters. 
  • Force health protection supplemental #7 dated 8 April published regarding face coverings and preservation of PPE for those who need it most and includes a table to quickly assess what should be used for what operational mission in DoD. 
    • This document can be used as a guide for the DIB regarding PPE. 
    • There will be further guidance issued by the Department regarding return to work in DoD and what measures are necessary to do so and once published will be provided to the DIB.
    • P&R is charged with following OSHA guidance but also seeks to supplement such guidance to ensure complete coverage of the DoD community in recognition of the unique mission of the DoD and DIB.


  • DoD CIO continues to publish best practice and various guidance regarding IT use and most is published FOUO and are trying to determine if they can and how they would share those documents with industry.


  • I asked if the P&R guidance we just learned about could be provided to us for reference and to pass to industry?  OSD said yes and will provide the links today.
  • Section 889 Part B delay possible? (this section of the law prohibits government contractors from using covered tech including that provided by or associated with Huawei & affiliates).
    • OSD noted that industry engagement with Hill has gotten staff attention and thus numerous questions coming to OSD. 
    • Proposed FAR rule to mirror current legislation is still on hold at OMB and DoD has tried to get the rule out of OMB to allow industry comment. 
    • Meanwhile, Hill staff have asked for a proposed markup of Sec 889 Part B of 2019 NDAA to modify the legislation. 
    • Hon Lord prepared to engage Hill and recently informed there might be a White House discussion. 
    • OSD welcomes continued association engagement with Hill to seek a phased implementation approach for Sec 889 Part B.   
  • On CMMC—OSD update?  (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).
    • OSD commented that the draft ruling is with OMB and there are discussions ongoing. 
    • OSD expects it will take some additional time to release the draft CMMC rule for formal industry comment. 

Action:  For industry, what specific PPE guidance and workplace guidance do you need from OSD?

About the Author

About the Author

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President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC)
Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC), and Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.