Nov 15, 2019 - 3:00pm

Jacobs Eliminated 37 Million Tons of Carbon from Client Projects in 2018

Jacobs Engineering has been recognized by the Environmental Business Journal as a market leader in climate adaptation, technology, resilience, and sustainable infrastructure. 



  • Jacobs has numerous on-the-ground examples of providing resilience tools and services, such as risk and vulnerability assessments and cost-benefit analysis to safeguard water and wastewater infrastructure assets against present day and future flooding and sea level-rise.  Project examples include:   
    • The Miami-Dade Ocean Outfall Legislation Program.
    • The Resilience Master Plan, Jacksonville Electric Authority, Florida.
    • Flood Hardening and Resiliency Survey of Public Transit System, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Washington, D.C.
    • Risk Management and Water Master Planning, Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, UK.
    • Kiribati Island Adaptation Plan, South Pacific.
  • The company is implementing resilience and infrastructure hardening projects, including supporting FEMA Response and Recovery Programs in the aftermath of disasters, providing financial management, emergency management, and technical assistance. Examples:
    • Public Assistance Program (training).
    • Hurricanes Irma and Maria (recovery and restoration).
    • Iowa Floods (appeals and policy).
    • BP Oil Spill (claims processing, external affairs, policy, and correspondence).
    • Guam Catastrophic Planning (operations plan).
    • Typhoon Paka (applicant financial reviews).
  • The firm worked on the Rockaways Boardwalk, Reconstruction Post Hurricane Sandy, New York City, and the Detroit Future City Open Space Funding Program, Michigan, to increase flood protection, create beach replenishment, provide access points along the shorelines, and other post-disaster mitigation efforts.
  • Climate Leadership Award –
  • Other Env Business Awards –
  • Kiribati Island – climate adaptation project example – industry leading example –

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