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How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Just Got Sexier

The new Congress has a rare opportunity for a political hat-trick with “wins” going to themselves, the administration, and the American economy.

What IP Die-Hards Need to Know About the New European Commission

Everyone loves a good shake-up every now and then. And that’s exactly what the European Commission (EC) delivered early this month, with President-Elect Jean-Claude Juncker unveiling his vast reorganization of the bureaucracy in Brussels. GIPC has pieced together the who’s who of the future decision-makers on intellectual property issues in the EC.

Download Illegal Software, Upload Your Business to Hackers

Illegal software is providing cyber spies and criminals with the keys directly into our home computers, phones, and gadgets. But while hacking can range from a mild nuisance to a drawn-out hell, the problems it poses to businesses is anything but benign.

Plain Packaging: Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos®

The bottom line is that while the health objectives are admirable, restricting the use of trademarks and restrict consumer choice is not only bad economics, it’s bad governance.