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U.S. Chamber Blog

No Exclusions! Why Carveouts Would Weaken the Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP will set the standard for free trade agreements in the decades ahead. It's crucial that it be a comprehensive, high-standard agreement.

VIDEO: IP Champion, Rocker Says We’re all Copyright Holders

Photo by Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons

American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter David Lowery is the founder of alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven and co-founder of the more traditional rock band Cracker. He’s also an IP Champion, according to the Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center. Lowery received the 2014 IP Champions Award for Consumer Awareness. In this video, Lowery explains how we are all copyright holders, and the motivations he has as a musician and an advocate for artists intellectual property rights.

GUEST POST: TPP - Where’s Your jacket?

If we don’t address the old 20th century issues of market access, we simply can’t expect countries to face 21st century issues of importance to US business, like intellectual property, state-owned enterprises and cross-border data flows. No one will get what they want or need.

First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden Join U.S. Chamber Foundation at Veterans Jobs Summit

Photo: Jeb Wilson/Nashville Photography Group

To mark the third anniversary of the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden joined senior representatives from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors at the Fort Campbell Veterans Jobs Summit, a free conference for service members preparing to transition out of the military as well as military spouses seeking career opportunities.

Chasm Between Environment Groups and Unions is Bigger than Keystone XL Pipeline

Groups are also on opposite sides when it comes to hydraulic fracturing.

IP Champions in Innovative Partnerships

Crossposted from the GIPC blog

Intellectual property policy already makes for strange bedfellows. Have you noticed that IP doesn’t hit partisan or state lines? Senators and Congressmen from both sides of the aisle and from every nook and cranny of the country are stewards of the Founding Father’s vision of a creative and innovative America.