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EPA Tops List of Federal Regulators: 2002-2012

The more things change, the more they stay the same. But that's only half-right, when it comes to the federal regulatory environment.

Data from the Mercatus Center's RegData 2.0 database shows that EPA's air regulators were the top federal regulators in both 2002 and in 2012. However, while the top ten federal agencies publishing the most restrictions* remained the same in those years, the number of restrictions from nearly all of them increased.


Mercatus Center: Top Ten Federal Regulators of 2012
Mercatus Center: Top Ten Federal Regulators of 2012
Source: Mercatus Center


To better understand the regulatory environment, here are nine more charts that put federal regulations in a different light.

*As defined by the number restrictive words: "shall;" "must;" "may not;" "prohibited;" and "required" in federal regulations.

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