Brian P. O'Shea

Former Senior Director, Center for Capital Markets Competitiveness

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Keith Hernandez, Game Winning RBI, and How Pay Ratio Strikes Out

The pay ratio will do nothing to improve our capital markets and little to improve the lot of working Americans.

Fiduciary Fallout: Court Strikes Down Labor Department’s Fiduciary Rule

Now, the SEC can take the lead on developing standards of conduct that serve all investors.

SEC’s E-Delivery Rule is a Common Sense Reform for Investors

Mutual fund shareholders would have the option of accessing their shareholder reports and other relevant documents online.

Fiduciary Fallout: Labor Department’s Fiduciary Rule Straightjackets Investors

The key to a sound financial future lays in having a choice of savings options.

Why You Should Care About Corporate Governance

Remember that moment during one of the 2016 presidential debates when the candidates engaged in a deep and provocative discussion about the laws and regulations that apply to public companies? For days, the country was swept up in matters of corporate governance. You couldn’t hop into a taxi or drop by the water cooler without engaging in a debate over board declassification, total shareholder return, proxy advisory firms, or Item 201(e) of Regulation S-K – and how we had to get those issues right in order to secure the future of the republic.