Christopher Wenk

Former Executive Director, International Policy

Christopher W. Wenk is the former executive director of international policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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Africa, Asia Face $1 Trillion Trade Finance Gap -- and the U.S. Should End Ex-Im?

The WTO reports — six years after the darkest days of the financial crisis — there’s huge unmet demand for trade finance in the developing world, which today purchases over half of all U.S. exports

Ex-Im in the Real World: Get the Facts Straight

The Chamber sent a letter backing a bipartisan bill to reform and reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. Freedom Partners responded with an email commenting on the Chamber's letter and pushing its campaign to "end Ex-Im." However, this purported "fact check" runs afoul of the real world pretty quickly.

The Export-Import Bank and the Small Matter of $37 Billion

The activists calling for Ex-Im to be closed are showing just how out of touch they are with the concerns of Americans across the nation.

A Conservative Take on the Ex-Im Bank

While earlier in his first term he had called for a reduction in Ex-Im’s support for U.S. exports (in 1982), there is evidence that President Reagan and senior officials in his administration came to see the competitive environment for U.S. exporters in a new light over the course of his years in office.

A Fair Accounting of the Ex-Im Bank’s Benefits and Costs

Earlier this month, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a report presenting cost estimates for the export finance programs of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) using two different accounting methods. It triggered a wonky debate with real-world implications because Ex-Im’s charter will lapse on September 30 absent congressional reauthorization.