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There are thousands of Black-owned small businesses just in the United States, but finding them through the noise of major retailers isn't always easy. — Getty Images/monkeybusinessimages

Consumers care more than ever about making sure their purchase decisions represent their values, especially younger generations. Ninety percent of Gen Zers believe companies should address racial equality, according to a 2021 McKinsey study.

While younger consumers recognize the importance of spending consciously to support entrepreneurs and minority merchants, it’s not always easy for customers to find Black-owned small businesses to patronize. However, directories and Google’s Black-owned business designation on business profile cards make them easier to identify.

These 15 business directories seek to increase the visibility of Black-owned small businesses and help conscious consumers connect with minority-owned brands. If you’re a Black business owner, it’s worthwhile to list your company on these sites to help new customers find your venture.

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Black Business Green Book

The civil rights advocacy group Color of Change launched Black Business Green Book to support Black-owned businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Black Business Green Book offers ways to browse businesses in many different categories, including home goods, fashion, health and wellness, books, and art. There are different filters for shopping businesses in your state or online-only retailers. One of the great features of this directory is that submitting a business is easy, and your customers can even do it for you by filling out a form here.

Black Directory

Black Directory offers consumers Black-owned and operated products and services. Black Directory works hard for its members to level the playing field in business. It advocates for members to obtain federal and government contracts, access capital from financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, and networking and marketing opportunities to continually promote and grow Black businesses.

Black Directory has over 50,000 consumers on its email list, so businesses can reach local and national audiences by becoming members. Interested businesses can choose their tiers of membership. Diamond members receive premium benefits like the first look at contracts and mentorship opportunities with 7-figure Black-owned company leaders. (BOA) (BOA) is a network connecting Black-owned businesses with consumers. While most of the businesses on the platform are located in North America, consumers can shop with Black-owned businesses in hundreds of categories from all over the world. There is no cost for a business to add a listing on the platform and it also offers opportunities for advertising.

Black-Owned Brooklyn

A husband-and-wife team founded Black-Owned Brooklyn in 2018 to help elevate businesses in their community. While the directory only lists Brooklyn-based businesses, Black-Owned Brooklyn also features stories from founders and business owners that can be a great resource for other merchants.

Black Woman Owned

As of 2022, Black women start businesses at a higher rate than white women and men, but the percentage drops as businesses mature, with only 3% continuing to run mature businesses.

Black Woman Owned seeks to scale visibility and success for Black women-owned businesses and create an economy in which they thrive. The website operates an aggregate listing of Black women-owned businesses for both products and professional services, sends a newsletter with giveaways and new content and sells a Moment Box — curated with luxury products from seven Black women-owned retailers.

To join, navigate to the Contact Page to fill out the form and provide the requested information.

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The U.S. Black Chambers, with support from American Express, developed an extensive directory and certification program for Black business owners to join called ByBlack. Businesses that identify as Black-owned can join the directory for free by supplying the name of the business and the business owner; the business’s website, phone number, and address; and the business category, description, and NAIC/Industry code. Those interested in the certification must be majority-owned, operated, managed, and controlled by a Black/African American person or persons, among a few other requirements.

Black businesses looking to list themselves on ByBlack’s directory, receive the ByBlack certification, or both, can do so at no cost. Navigate to the ByBlack website to take the next step in verifying your business and joining the directory.

Chez Nous Guide

Don’t miss the beautifully designed Chez Nous Guide: “a volunteer-run inclusive and intersectional home for businesses, artists and organizations owned and run by historically marginalized people around the world and our allies.” You can find businesses owned by women, LGBTQIA+ merchants, and BIPOC entrepreneurs in major cities around the world. Search using several different filters, including category and place, or use the “go explore” button. This site includes more than 200 Black-owned businesses.

Official Black Wall Street is one of the largest business directories for Black-owned businesses, with over 5,000 listings in 10 countries.

2021 McKinsey study


EatOkra is a directory of Black-owned restaurants, featuring over 2,500 restaurants around the United States. Users can search by cuisine and location, and even order delivery—the app will connect you to GrubHub or DoorDash so you can seamlessly order from those listings. If you prefer to visit in person, EatOkra will give you directions from your location or connect you to a ride-share service like Lyft. Listing on EatOkra is a great way for Black restaurateurs to reach new customers, earn more clicks on delivery platforms, and boost their visibility.

I Am Black Business

I Am Black Business offers an affordable, one-time membership cost, for access to join the Black Business Search Engine, niche product sites, and more. It offers a mobile app to search for Black-owned businesses wherever consumers travel.

In addition, users can “claim” their business, if it’s already listed, to update information like social media handles, business descriptions, and more.

Official Black Wall Street

Official Black Wall Street is one of the largest business directories for Black-owned businesses, with over 5,000 listings in 10 countries. Through the app, business owners can create a listing with reviews, photos, directions and more. The app also alerts users when they’re nearby a Black-owned business to help increase foot traffic.

The Nile List

Founded by Khadijah Robinson, The Nile List brings Black creators of retail products to interested customers. The Nile List ensures that whatever a consumer wants to buy online, there’s someone Black who makes it. Not only does The Nile List uplift Black brands, it also takes consumers’ other values in mind too, giving designations like “vegan,” “woman-owned,” “natural,” and “handmade” to satisfy each buyer’s needs.

Black business owners who want to see their business and products on The Nile List can register through a specific form on the site — but note that as of March 2022, The Nile List is temporarily not accepting new business.

Shop Black Owned

Shop Black Owned is a business directory specific to eight cities at the moment, with more to come: Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Shop Black Owned is a free, crowdsourced and map-based tool that makes it easy to find a Black-owned business in your immediate area. There are more than 1000 businesses listed and more added every day. To get your business listed or city added, send an email to

Support Black Owned

The Support Black Owned directory has been around since 2012, generating many listings over the years. It offers both a website database and an app, as well as advertising options for Black-owned businesses and user reviews and ratings. Search by state, category or even country一Support Black Owned lists businesses in 30-plus countries.

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WeBuyBlack has been around since 2015. “Today, it’s the largest e-marketplace for Black-owned businesses,” reports Fast Company. What’s great about this directory is it shows customers how to make the switch from big brands to Black-owned brands for everyday consumer goods, such as cleaning supplies and toothpaste. It’s also got lots of deals on free and fast shipping.

Virginia Black Business Directory

Based in Virginia, the Virginia Black Business Directory works to close the wealth gap and bring equity to Black-owned businesses in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland (DMV) region. As a 501(c)3 organization, the Virginia Black Business Directory uses community collaboration, provides educational opportunities and organizes networking events and programs to amplify Black voices.

Founded in 2020, the business already has over 1,200 businesses on its extensive list and hundreds of thousands of social media impressions. Membership costs $50 for the year and grants access to mentoring and networking opportunities. In addition to having a directory listing, members also enjoy benefits like exclusive coupons and deals, business development resources, and more.

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