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LGBTQ business directories help buyers find LGBTQ-owned businesses to support and connect business owners with potential customers. — Getty Images/FG Trade

Building on a long history of community and connection, LGBTQ-owned business directories serve as valuable resources for consumers looking to support businesses that align with their values and for LGBTQ entrepreneurs seeking to connect with like-minded organizations and customers. A variety of LGBTQ-owned business directories are available, ranging from national directories where customers can locate businesses to more networking-based directories geared toward business owners.

Here are six LGBTQ-owned business directories for business owners and customers to connect and support queer-friendly small businesses.


Intentionalist stresses spending your money with intention and supporting the businesses that matter to you. The site provides users with a list of local LGBTQ-owned small businesses they can incorporate into their daily lives. Their easy-to-navigate map feature allows you to find a spot near you or even pick out a few to visit if you’re planning an upcoming trip. Each business is also listed with tags like “family-owned” or “minority-owned” to give users a full picture of the business. If you don’t see one of your favorite queer-owned businesses, you can suggest a business to be included.

The Pride App

The Pride App, created by Jonathon Pritchard, aims to be an up-to-date guide to LGBTQ-owned and queer-friendly businesses where individuals can count on feeling safe and respected. Pritchard and his app encourage users to support the LGBTQIA+ community all year round — not just during Pride Month in June. Listings incorporate businesses (mostly shops and restaurants) of all sizes, providing a place for small businesses to connect with users. The app is free to use, but businesses can pay for a premium package to shine a spotlight on their listing. The Pride App also highly prioritizes security and the protection of user data.


The directory at GLPages is extensive. The home page alone features accountants, mechanics, bars, and dentists, allowing users to find safe spaces and reliable queer-friendly services in just about every aspect of life. Along with its staggering number of listed businesses, GLPages also has comprehensive reviews for those businesses, sharing how long reviewers have used a business, which particular employee the reviewer recommends, and the quality of the services or offerings. The app version of GLPages is easily accessible in the Apple App Store or in Google Play.

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Intentionalist stresses spending your money with intention and supporting the businesses that matter to you.

Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration (SBA), which is a resource for, and a supporter of, small businesses across the country, has a special reference page for LGBTQIA+ businesses. Owners of LGBTQ businesses or business owners hoping to become more supportive of the queer community can find local resources or set up an appointment with the SBA. Many SBA offices, like those in Houston, Seattle, Nashville, and Los Angeles, have specific LGBTQ partnerships. Alliances in Georgia, Michigan, and Puerto Rico represent larger communities. All of the alliances offer networking events as well as local directories of queer-owned businesses.

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

The NGLCC has a large network of certified LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE) businesses, as well as mentoring programs, networking events, scholarships, and business development tools. The main goal of the NGLCC is to connect customers with queer-inclusive businesses, leading to whole supply chains of LGBTQ businesses. The organization aims to connect small business owners with both a strong, local community and a wide-reaching global network. Becoming a certified LGBTBE business allows you to access all of the NGLCC offerings, includes you in their directory, and fortifies your brand with a new level of verification.

The Pink Pages Directory

Although based in Canada, the Pink Pages has expanded to include listings in the United States as well. Users can navigate by region, then zero in by the state to find the categories of businesses that are available. For example, you could click into the mid-Atlantic region, then New Jersey, then search for jewelry businesses to find all of your options for that particular type of business in your area. Keep in mind that not every state has every category available. LGBTQ-friendly businesses can also advertise with the Pink Pages to reach their target audience.

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