Alpha Technologies

Alpha Technologies Inc. was launched in 1975 in response to the need for dependable industrial power conversion equipment in the then emerging North American cable TV industry. These products provided the reliable primary and backup power required to transmit video signal over the coaxial network.

Some 40 years later, with millions of installations and operations established around the world, Alpha Technologies now provides a wide array of technologically-advanced, industry-leading products, services, software and consulting services to the world’s most sophisticated communications networks.

Additionally, Alpha is actively leading the growing global renewable energy sector. This includes bringing electrical power to remote, isolated regions; locally generating renewable energy at the site of consumption in established neighborhoods and critical locations for national security; as well as deploying large multi-megawatt utility scale solar power stations.  

Alpha’s continuing growth and success has resulted in a significant increase in both its U.S. and global workforce for highly skilled, technical, core manufacturing operations. “Top tier engineering, advanced manufacturing operations and technical sales/product marketing professionals are core to our team success in the highly competitive global markets we serve," says President and COO Drew Zogby. "We support national, local and industry-specific programs focusing on STEM related skills and core leadership development." 

The world’s need for clean, reliable power continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, and Alpha Technologies continues to work hard to help its customers meet those needs. Says Zogby, "Our [Chamber] affiliation is a key attribute for us to attract and retain key long term employees along with elevating our stature with major customers and suppliers.”