Data Privacy Toolkit

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Contact: Sarah Keller

Key messaging and example posts

    • America needs a national privacy law that treats all Americans equally—protecting consumers, promoting transparency, and providing businesses with regulatory certainty in the marketplace. #DataDoneRight
    • Businesses and consumers deserve clarity about how data is and should be used. Tell Congress: it’s time for a national privacy law that promotes innovation and respects individual privacy. #DataDoneRight
    • In today’s data-driven economy, data use must be sensibly regulated to protect consumers and preserve the benefits we all enjoy. #DataDoneRight
    • In every city and state across the country, data-driven innovations empower everyday Americans through increased access to educational and health care resources as well as entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. #DataDoneRight
    • Data-driven innovations boost American businesses’ productivity, resource efficiency, and economic competitiveness—resulting in more purchasing options than ever before, higher quality products, and ultimately lower out-of-pocket costs for consumers. #DataDoneRight

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