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How New Orleans Charted a New Course for Schools After Katrina

In the wake of tragedy, city leaders asked a radical question: What would you do differently if you could redesign the public school system from the ground up?

‘The Secret Sauce’: Networks Critical to Civic Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What does it take to make real innovation happen in cities – from addressing struggling schools to improving health-care systems to averting budget crises? In this fast-moving, ever-changing digital age, the first step is making the right connections.

Studies Cast Doubt on Value of Mandated Calorie Counts

According to public health advocates and the Obama administration, requiring food service establishments to post calorie counts on menus was just the ticket for getting consumers to opt for healthier meals.

Remember When Obama Called for Fiscal Responsibility? Neither Does He

When President Barack Obama released his $4 trillion budget plan this month, he called for an end to what he described as “mindless austerity” in federal spending.

‘We Need to Do More’: Getting Real About the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

If you were approached by a high school or college student seeking career advice, you could do a lot worse than to advise them to consider a path in cybersecurity. The job market for professionals with the technical skills to fight cyberattacks is looking more promising all the time.

Eyes on the Prize: Incentive Awards Drive Innovation

Incentive prize competitions have gained in popularity as a way to find new solutions to both modest problems and potentially world-changing challenges, including the search for breakthroughs in biology, space exploration, new energy sources and more.

Standing Up for Free Speech in U.S. Politics: An Interview with Michael Barone

As a longtime observer of the American political scene, Michael Barone is a defender of the Constitution’s First Amendment as a guarantor of both press freedom and political freedom. As the veteran journalist puts it, he’s “been in the free speech business for many years.”

But Barone sees a worrisome trend in which the First Amendment is under attack by those who seek to place onerous restrictions on the tradition of free speech in the political arena and in the academy.

"You’re Going to Get Hacked": Getting Serious About Cyber Security

While news accounts abound of consumer retailers and financial services firms being targeted for cyberattacks, the reality is that virtually any connected entity is vulnerable to criminal hackers.