The country's next President must be ready to lead on Day One, so we're reaching out to "45" to share our policy vision. We want to highlight the issues that are most important to employers, executives and entreprenuers that create opportunities across the nation.

Dear 45

We're telling the 45th President what's important to the business community by reaching out to business owners and corporate executives to contribute their thoughts to the policy debate in this important election year. Read our letters, and those from our friends, and then write one yourself. We're here to help you make your voice heard!

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From Our Friends

Maxine Turner | President, Cuisine Unlimited

Imposing higher labor costs keeps us from growing and creating jobs. Please think about these regulations and rescind this impractical burden.

Allan Golston | President, United States Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The challenge facing our country today is the same: to give children—no matter the circumstances they were born into—a great education.

Tamara L. Lundgren | President and Chief Executive Officer, Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.

The project development pipeline is clogged by overregulation and permitting delays. I urge your administration to support efforts that would provide a streamlined process for developers, builders, and designers to obtain environmental permits and approvals for their projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, III | Former White House Chief of Staff, Counselor to the President, and Special Envoy for the Americas under President Bill Clinton

Regardless of party, you can start by considering yourself “the small business President.” There's a constructive role for government to help small firms compete and produce good jobs. And there are strong ideas from both sides of the aisle.