Electric Election 2020 Roadtrip



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is proud to partner with The Conservation Coalition (TCC) on the Electric Election 2020 Roadtrip. Follow along as TCC traverses the country to show how cutting-edge innovation and corporate stewardship are driving solutions to climate and environmental challenges.
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Electric Election Featured Videos

Featuring Randy Wheeless, Duke Energy

Featuring Dane Parker, Chief Sustainability Officer for General Motors

Featuring Dr. Joshua C Walter, TerraPower LLC

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Combating climate change will require citizens, government, and business to work together. American businesses play a vital role in creating innovative solutions to protect our planet. Here at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, we stand with every American seeking a cleaner, stronger environment—for today and tomorrow.


Together, we can forge solutions that improve our environment and grow our economy—leaving the world better for generations to come.


our position on climate change


Discover more companies solving environmental challenges through our


Energy Innovates series and our Combatting Carbon series



"We’re excited to partner with The Conservation Coalition to share some of the extraordinary progress being made in the business community and bring attention to climate issues during this busy election season.”

–Marty Durbin 
Senior Vice President of Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce



Electric Election 2020 Roadtrip Tour Dates


September 15-16: Jackson Hole, Wyoming              

September 17-18: Montana

September 20-23: South Dakota

September 24-25: Minnesota

September 28: Wisconsin

September 30-October 1: Michigan

October 5: Rhode Island

October 6: Boston

October 7: New York City

October 9-10: D.C. Metro Area

October 12: Tennessee

October 14: Atlanta, Georgia

October 16: Tallahassee, Florida

October 17: Mobile, Alabama

October 19: New Orleans, Louisiana

October 21-22: Austin/Dallas, Texas

October 24: Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 26-27: Colorado

October 29-31: Utah

November 2-3: Arizona