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Emerging Technologies Committee

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 8:00pm


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Emerging Technologies Committee establishes and supports policies that facilitate the long-term development and diffusion of emerging technologies, principally in the fields of energy and the environment. Emphasis is placed on encouragement of those policies that heighten the strength and competitivity of U.S. business and industry in the global marketplace.

Committee Overview

The Emerging Technologies Committee is tasked with creating a positive environment for the long-term development and deployment of new and emerging technologies when and where it makes sense to do this and for promoting their benefits both domestically and internationally.

The committee advocates for beneficial technology policies through interactions with Congress, the executive branch, and regulatory agencies. Within the Chamber, the committee works in a coordinated manner with the other regulatory committees to ensure that obstacles that are detrimental to long-term technological innovation and deployment are identified and removed and to ensure that beneficial policies are established.

U.S. Chamber Board Member, Donald Sterhan, President of Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc., chairs the Emerging Technologies Committee.

U.S. Chamber Strategy

  • Host conferences, seminars, and other events to support the development and deployment of emerging technologies in the fields of energy and the environment. Attention is given to the technologies as well as to the infrastructural characteristics of the environment within which they are developed and introduced.
  • Identify and utilize opportunities for business and industry to interact with and voice opinion to federal policy makers and other parties concerning key issues that affect the successful development and deployment of new and emerging technology products into the marketplace.
  • Provide comments, testimony, and policy recommendations on relevant legislation and regulations related to technology innovation, consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the Chamber.

Committee Chairman

Mr. Donald Sterhan
Mountain Plains Equity Group, Inc.

Staff Contact Information

Dr. Walter M. Shaub
Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs Division
(202) 463-5837

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