Cass Precision Machining

Brooklyn Center , MN

Faces of Trade: Cass Precision

My name is Jim Garven, and I'm the president of Cass Precision Machining. Founded in 1945, Cass started as a small, single-machine shop but has grown into a five building campus in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, with 134 employees.

We are a global company and manufacture products for a variety of industries, including motor sports, construction, medical, and lawn care. We turn and mill steels, brasses, and aluminums into a finished product for our consumers. In order to meet our customers’ demand, we import a lot of steel, primarily from Canada and Mexico.

Right now, tariffs and the subsequent trade wars are our biggest challenge because they’re impacting our profitability and our relationship with customers. It’s hurting our ability to grow, give raises, and share profits with our employees.

We have to find a better way to balance trade with outside countries. We are a global business and need more not less access to global markets. Nobody ever wins in a trade war, but I’m hopeful that smarter heads will prevail so we can move on to and compete globally.


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