Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Denver and Edwards, CO

Faces of Trade: Crazy Mountain Brewery

Here at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company, we manufacture craft beer and sell it through wholesale networks throughout the United States as well as internationally. We also have several retail operations such as pubs and tasting rooms where we sell directly to our consumers. Our customers include those in Canada, U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, China, Korea, and Malaysia.  

When I look at my employees, I know that about 20 of the jobs at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company depend on our international business. Over the past three years, more than forty jobs have been created as a result of our growth in export markets. With 20 percent of our company’s sales being attributed to international business, we have had great success due to trade. Specifically, we have had assistance from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 

Free trade agreements are particularly impactful in the beer industry. Tariffs, taxes and other barriers to entry are fairly impactful on beer exports as it creates a situation where American beer gets priced out of many markets. Eliminating trade barriers would open up access for us to multiple countries around the world. The long term impact of access to these countries would have a very significant impact on our company.   

Tariffs are the largest challenge we face in markets abroad. Another major challenge internationally for our company in compliance and regulations abroad, it is often challenging to research these requirements without having someone on the ground in each country to do this research for us. Washington could dramatically help the beer industry if they could work on instilling free trade agreements that lower tariffs and eliminate barriers to keep us competitive in the space.

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