Hildebran, NC

Faces of Trade - DeFeet International

DeFeet is a micro-sockery located in the foothills of North Carolina. While we are a small company employing 50 people, we have a large reach around the world. In fact, we export to 43 countries to be exact. Ever since we took our business international, we have grown exponentially and our sales continue to grow every day. We're in high demand, and that's very fortunate; our international trade business here at DeFeet equates to about 34% of our business overall.    

DeFeet was honored with the Presidential "E" Award, for excellence in exporting. We're very fortunate and hopefully we can win that again, but there are always challenges when exporting. Some of the countries that we distribute to, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, have very high tariffs which makes it difficult for us to get our product into their markets.   

It is important to note that 20% of the jobs at DeFeet depend on international trade. If we saw a reduction in our ability to sell our products overseas we could lose as much as 25-30% of our workforce, which would be devastating. Having the ability to create and trade a product without the heavy burden of state regulations and red tape will make our company and the country stronger.    

All the barriers to entry for international trade hinder the exporter's ability to grow his business. We make 100% of our product in our factory right here in North Carolina, and the yarn we use is bought locally, so you have a red, white, and blue story at DeFeet, but we also have a global story. We need Washington to support our free trade and free enterprise spirit so we can continue to grow. 

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