Draper, Inc.

Henry County, IN

Draper is a company of 600 employees in rural eastern Indiana that manufactures audiovisual projection screens, projector lifts, window coverings, solar control solutions, and athletic equipment. We currently export our products to about 125 countries with exporting being responsible for 10 percent of our sales. 

NAFTA has been particularly helpful to our business. In fact, Canada is our top market and Mexico ranks in the top 7 countries where we export our products. We have experienced the benefits of trade since 1997 with the help of the Export-Import Bank and the U.S. Commercial Service. However, we still find ourselves facing challenges in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia.   

With Washington’s help, we would be able to have an ease of business in other countries if more free trade agreements were put into place. With more agreements, Draper would see tremendous growth in our international business and we would be able to hire more Hoosiers in Spiceland. We currently owe more than 50 of our jobs to international trade, and we would like to be able to export our products more easily, but we need Washington to focus on negotiating more trade agreements to create a spirit of ease when working with these emerging markets.

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